Natural fruits and vegetables

Alpha9 contains freeze-dried fresh vegetables and fruits. The vegetable flavor contains natural green peas and spinach. The fruit flavor contains rosehip and elderberry.


Produced in our blend by Levilactobacillus brevis bacteria through fermentation. It is used to relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress..

Amino Acids

The 9 essential amino acids we need to provide with our diet, plus BCAAs.

Alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterol and blood sugar levels and supports the normal function of the digestive system. It is also a source of numerous vitamins and minerals.


Contains vitamins
B, E, C, K and D3


It contains minerals such as iron, copper, manganese and copper.

For physically active people

  • You want to have a real impact on the condition of your body
  • You want to help rebuild muscle mass by providing the right amount of protein
  • Due to your vegan diet or active lifestyle, you want to replenish your protein deficit
  • Calm down and reduce tension after a busy day or intense training.
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For those who care about their health

  • You want to eat healthily, but you don't have time for meal combinations
  • You want to eat naturally and not take synthetic supplements
  • You want healthy eating to be an easy-to-maintain routine
  • You want to keep your cholesterol and sugar levels at the right level
  • You are looking for an easily digestible, digestive-supporting addition to your meals.
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  • Natural

    You are looking for an easily digestible, digestive-supporting addition to your meals.

  • Healthy

    Alfalfa, the main ingredient of the product, contributes to maintaining proper cholesterol and blood sugar levels and supports digestion.

  • Innovative

    Carefully developed by scientists and subjected to a freeze-drying process, thanks to which the product is durable and quickly absorbed.

  • Comfortable

    Add one sachet a day to your meal to provide the most important nutrients without unnecessary effort.

  • Tasty

    Vegetables and fruits give Alfa9 a delicious taste, which is a great addition to yogurts, dips and desserts.


Our idea was qualified for the Hub of Talents 2 start-up support program, and then our company became a winner of a competition funded by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

Our team was selected by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology Food for the Seedbed 2021 program as one of the 40 most innovative startups from Europe, confirming the international assessment of the supranational level of innovation.

"We decided to use our knowledge based on many years of scientific research in food technology and biotechnology to make alfalfa sprouts an even more valuable food for our health."

dr hab. Edyta Gendaszewska – Darmach

Expert in the study of bioactive dietary components on model cells of the human body

"During our research on the product, we discovered that alfalfa sprouts are an excellent source of digestive enzymes, which promotes increased amino acid release and protein assimilation."

dr hab. inż. Małgorzata Zakłos – Szyda

Ekspertka w dziedzinie badań bioaktywnych składników diety na modelowych komórkach ludzkiego organizmu

"Alpha 9 is a product that combines nutritional values with additional health benefits. Unlike dietary supplements, it contains only natural foods. It uses sprouts in its formulation, the production of which is waste-free."

prof. dr hab. inż. Grażyna Budryn

Health food expert

  • 01

    We have selected alfalfa sprouts as a source of an extremely large amount of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

  • 02

    We fermented alfalfa sprouts with various strains of lactic acid bacteria, which naturally enriches the product with GABA, which soothes the symptoms of stress.

  • 03

    We have enriched it with nutritionally rich and tasty vegetables and fruits, such as green peas, spinach, wild rose, elderberry and quince.

  • 04

    We subjected the mixture to a freeze-drying process, i.e. freezing and evaporating water. This extends its shelf life while maintaining its nutritional value.


Customer Reviews

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Samo zdrowie

Polecam, świetne :)
Od razu człowiek się lepiej czuje, a przy okazji bardzo smaczne.

Czuć, że jest zdrowy :)

Ja dodaje Alfa9 do mojego shake po treningu. Czerwony - ten owocowy jest bardzo dobry. Myślę, że na efekty trzeba chwilę czekać, ale zaufam i spróbuje

Maja K.
Idealny dla freelancera

Jestem zadowolony z tego produktu, idealnie sprawdza się przy mojej pracy przy komputerze, czuję jak wspiera moje ciało i umysł w trakcie długotrwałej koncentracji. Polecam

Frequently asked questions

Who is Alfa9 intended for?

Our mixture is intended for physically active people, mentally active people and seniors, as well as everyone else who wants to follow a healthy, well-balanced diet. Alfa9 will also be useful in the case of many health ailments, supporting the maintenance of proper cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as regulating digestion processes.

In what form can Alfa9 be taken?

Alfa9 is available in the form of a powdered, freeze-dried mixture with fruit flavor with wild rose and elderberry and vegetable flavor with green peas and spinach. The contents of the selected vegetable sachet should be mixed with e.g. yogurt, kefir, vegetable cocktail, cottage cheese, dip or vinaigrette sauce. In turn, the fruit mixture tastes best with yogurt, including vegan yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, and dessert.

What other health benefits does Alpha9 bring?

The mixture based on freeze-dried sprouts is rich in the most important vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber and lactic acid bacteria and their metabolites. Alpha9 also supplements the body with proteins and the amino acids they contain, necessary for building muscle tissue and regenerating damaged cells. Due to the content of GABA produced by lactic acid bacteria, the product also has a relaxing effect, increases resistance to stress and alleviates sleep problems.

Does the product contain added sugars?

NO. The Alfa9 mixture is completely free of added sugars and artificial sweeteners, so it does not contribute to excessive increases in glucose levels.

Once I open the product, can I finish it the next day?

After opening the sachet with the product, it is recommended to consume a portion of the mixture on the same day due to the freeze-dried nature of the product, which is susceptible to absorbing moisture, which may impair flowability.

Can Alfa9 be consumed by children and seniors?

The Alfa9 product is suitable for people of all ages, including seniors and children. The health-promoting mixture based on sprouts is especially targeted at older people who want to comprehensively support their body and take care of their health.

What does it mean that Alfa9 ingredients are freeze-dried?

The freeze-drying process involves evaporating up to 96% of water from previously frozen products. In this way, the Alfa9 ingredients are properly preserved, which extends their shelf life and makes them lighter, while preventing the loss of valuable health-promoting values.

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