Żywność liofilizowana – czym jest i jakie ma właściwości?

Freeze-dried food – what is it and what are its properties?

Does the name "freeze-dried food" sound very mysterious to you? So let's consider together what this term actually means. You will learn about the many advantages of this modern preservation method and its health-promoting properties in our article. Then let's get started!

Freeze-drying – what is this process?

We are perfectly aware that the phenomenon known as freeze-drying of food may seem complicated at first glance. However, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, we will try to explain this concept to you in the most friendly and understandable way possible. The topic of freeze-drying comes up constantly in our work, so we can say that we know it inside out, and today is the day when you will also learn about the many wonderful advantages of this procedure.

In short, freeze-drying involves evaporating water from products previously frozen to approximately -40 degrees Celsius. What does this process give us? First of all, it allows you to preserve food and significantly extend its shelf life. By evaporating up to 96% of water, freeze-dried products are also properly protected against the development of harmful bacteria inside the packaging.

Nowadays, we all know how difficult it is to reconcile healthy cooking with everyday rush. This can be especially frustrating for those who want to eat a balanced diet and take care of their bodies with all their might, but their many responsibilities do not allow them to do so. Fortunately, there is a solution. If you don't have time to plan a detailed menu for the next few days, and at the same time you like to have the so-called emergency food for a rainy day, products preserved using the described method will speed up the process of preparing a tasty dish. As a result, you will not only avoid having to eat too many ready-made and highly processed foods, but you will also save a lot of time.

It is possible that at this moment you have another doubt in your mind about freeze-dried food. Is this particular preservation process effective for many types of products? The answer is very satisfying - absolutely. The so-called procedure Frost drying can be used for fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products and eggs, and even full meals. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for everyone, including vegans and vegetarians. However, if you have a pet at home, freeze-dried fruit will work well as a treat to diversify your pet's diet.

Freeze-dried food and its nutritional values

We can fully assure you that freeze-dried products are one of the most advantageous methods of food preservation. What proves this? The answer is closely related to the nature of the entire frost drying process, which excludes the presence of any preservatives and other artificial additives . Therefore, if, like us, you belong to the group of supporters of healthy eating and lifestyle, this information will certainly please you.

Natural taste without unnecessary enhancers is not everything. Can you guess what is another advantage of freeze-dried products ? Food preserved using this method remains as nutritious as before, which makes it much easier to keep the body in full health by providing it with important vitamins. This is probably one of our favorite features of this type of products - after all, it supports self-care at any age in an extremely simple way.

The advantage of this particular preservation method also applies to the taste of the products. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables retain their characteristic essence and smell. The unique taste of your favorite products is therefore preserved. Moreover, this type of food does not limit the activity of natural enzymes from sprouts, vegetables and fruits, which are particularly important for the proper digestion process. As a result, the functioning of the digestive system is additionally supported, and all the valuable nutritional properties characteristic of a given type of food enter your body.

Fresh and convenient cooking

Regardless of whether you like cooking or not, it is certainly worth making the process of preparing meals every day even more convenient. We will be happy to help you with this! So let's explore together how freeze-dried food can make everyday cooking more attractive.

Quick and undemanding process of preparing meals

Ease of preparation is one of the most valuable advantages of this type of products. Sometimes it seems to you that washing, chopping and cooking ingredients is an unnecessary waste of time? Freeze-dried products are immediately ready for use. What's more, they can also be in loose form, making it even easier to mix them with a cocktail or soup.

Possibility to experiment with the consistency of the product

As you already know, freeze-drying involves removing water from food, making it slightly harder and crispier. If you want, you can restore the former consistency of fruit, vegetables or other food, just pour hot or warm water over it and wait a while. You will then ensure that the food regains its characteristic appearance and elasticity.

As I'm sure you can already deduce, freeze-dried foods have that special feature that we all crave in our everyday kitchens - practicality . We hope that you also notice how convenient healthy cooking can be.

Who are freeze-dried products and dishes suitable for?

Do you like long walks along mountain trails? Or maybe you are simply active every day and you value functionality in every area of ​​life? We can confidently admit that this description also applies to us. That's exactly why one day we took our first steps on the path to finding solutions to make a healthy diet even more enjoyable and accessible to everyone. However, freeze-dried food has become a great inspiration and a basis for further activities. Why?

Products preserved by freeze-drying are exceptionally light. Therefore, you can safely take a package of your favorite fruit or powdered sprouts as a snack for a trip or a snack after morning yoga or other physical exercises, or even during a break while reading a book.

If dirty luggage is the last thing you need, with water-free freeze-dried food, you won't experience any problems while transporting it . All this thanks to its slightly harder and brittle consistency.

We are very curious whether you are aware of how strongly your diet can affect your health. Properly balanced meals are one of the most basic methods of taking care of yourself, which will help you maintain more energy and cheerfulness also in the autumn stage of life. And if the diet is to be healthy, it is good that it is also convenient - from our own experience, we can admit that freeze-dried food perfectly meets these criteria. Therefore, a menu using such products will also be most suitable for seniors and everyone else who wants to get the most out of life.

The most important advantages of freeze-dried food

As you can see, freeze-dried food has many advantages. Below you will find a summary of all the most important benefits of using such products in your daily diet:

  • maintaining the health-promoting properties and nutrients contained in a given type of food,
  • extending the shelf life of products and strengthening their protection against spoilage,
  • lightness, which facilitates comfortable transport and storage,
  • ease of preparation, increasing the comfort of everyday cooking,
  • suitable solution for people on a plant-based and vegetarian diet,
  • maintaining the characteristic taste and smell of specific products,
  • universal fit for many types of dishes,
  • can be eaten separately as a snack,
  • a great dietary diversification for pets, rodents and parrots,
  • can be eaten in a shortcrust form or in a standard consistency for a given product (after adding a little water).

We strongly encourage you to continue with us on this path based on living in harmony with nature and using healthy and nutritious culinary products. If you are wondering where exactly to buy freeze-dried food, you will find it easily on our website. ALFA9 is the result of our long and demanding (but very satisfying) work. We can therefore attest to its effectiveness and extremely beneficial impact on health. Compositions of precious ingredients in the form of powdered essence of Lucerne and Gaba and the presence of as many as 9 amino acids necessary for the proper functioning of the body will delight you with their extensive support for the body. This is a great way to diversify and supplement your diet with valuable nutritional values. Its concentrated form, achieved by freeze-drying, is available in the form of an aromatic powder that you can sprinkle on any dish. This little is enough to take care of yourself.

We were very pleased to once again show you the secrets of healthy eating and discover new issues in this area. Remember to implement the valuable tips you learned today, which will make a nutritious diet much easier to implement.
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