Planujesz zostać mamą? Zobacz, jak przygotować swój organizm.

Are you planning to become a mother? See how to prepare your body.

A conscious approach to parenting is a beautiful thing, but making such serious life decisions can be accompanied by stress. Peace of mind - especially for you today we will cover this unique topic of pregnancy planning . We will discuss all the nuances and dispel your most secret doubts. With us you will learn how to skillfully take care of yourself before getting pregnant - let's get started!

When is the best time to have a baby?

This question can cause a lot of stress and keep many young couples awake for a long time. However, this is completely understandable, after all, deciding to start planning a pregnancy is a very serious step, sometimes requiring significant changes in your current lifestyle . In addition, there are also issues such as ensuring adequate financial security, which will ensure prosperity and a favorable financial situation for the entire family.

What else is worth considering? Of course, we must also mention housing conditions and career development, which often contribute to postponing plans to have children. Maybe you're wondering when is the best time to get pregnant from a medical point of view? Many sources cite the period up to the age of 30 as the safest time. However, we postulate - the decision to have a child is a very serious matter, so it should not be made under pressure from the environment . Therefore, we recommend a quiet conversation with your partner in the privacy of your home.

To start with, we can also recommend that you visit an appropriate doctor, which is a very good idea before you start planning a child. Why? Read on.

Visiting a gynecologist and planning a pregnancy

Even regular examinations at the gynecologist cause you slight discomfort? If so, remember that you are not alone and fortunately there are solutions. Moreover, properly preparing your body for this unique condition will provide you with an increased sense of security.

What will help allay your worries will be choosing a doctor who will ensure full professionalism . During your first visit, remember to talk to your gynecologist about planning your pregnancy - this way you will receive many valuable tips from him, which will make you forget about stress and it will be easier for you to approach the topic of parenthood in a conscious way.

Another point that we have highlighted is regular pre-pregnancy tests recommended by a doctor . They will help you make sure that your body is properly prepared, which will certainly strengthen your sense of security. Be sure to also inform your doctor about your chronic diseases, if you have them - it is very important not to hide anything. You really have nothing to be afraid of.

Why is pregnancy planning important?

Can't wait for your baby to be born and would you like to speed up this whole process? We understand it perfectly, such expectation can be extremely enthusiastic. We believe that you want to be as calm and comfortable as possible during your pregnancy, so we have prepared some useful tips - after all, conscious parenting begins at the stage of planning a child, right?

We could list for a long time the reasons why we believe that planning a pregnancy in advance is important, but the role of protecting the body of the future mother and child undoubtedly comes to the fore. Below we suggest our ideas for taking care of yourself and explain how to plan your pregnancy wisely.

  • Supplementation before pregnancy - appropriate types of supplements will help you avoid the risk of an excessively weakened body caused by deficiencies.
  • Regular physical activity for future mothers - a body kept in a healthy condition is much better prepared for the physically demanding time of pregnancy, and exercise is always in fashion.
  • Avoiding harmful substances before pregnancy - here, without unnecessary coloring - stop using all substances that have a negative impact on your health.
  • Stress control before a planned pregnancy - a calm body is a healthy body that functions better on a daily basis.
  • A healthy diet before pregnancy - good eating habits and balanced meals rich in valuable nutrients will certainly have a very positive impact on the condition of the body of future mothers.

As you can see, a healthy lifestyle before a planned pregnancy is essential. However, this is not the end - let's learn more about the role of supplementation together.

Vitamin B9 – the importance of folic acid before pregnancy

The name folic acid still doesn't mean much to you? It doesn't matter, we're here to help. We advise you to avoid the deficiency of this ingredient in the future mother's body under any circumstances. Why is it so important and what does folic acid help with?

An insufficient amount of this substance may cause abnormalities in the development of the child's nervous system and even lead to the risk of neural tube defects, including spina bifida. Now let's delve even deeper into this issue to clear you of any doubts regarding the supplementation of the substance in question.

Folic acid before pregnancy – which one to choose?

The number of vitamin B9 products available on the market is a bit overwhelming and you don't want to do anything on your own? So start by visiting a gynecologist who will provide you with all the valuable information regarding supplementation. However, before we move on to the next topics, let us consider in what forms this chemical compound occurs.

Source in the form of food

Folic acid in food (or more precisely, folates) is a type of natural water-soluble vitamin. You will find it, among others: in products such as:

  • green vegetables, e.g.: spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus or green peas, lamb's lettuce,
  • whole grain bread,
  • oranges,
  • yeast
  • and some animal products: eggs, cheese.

Synthetic source

Folic acid is a synthetic substance. It can be taken as a dietary supplement to complement daily meals. In pharmacies, you can find folic acid in both drops and tablets.

Okay, but there is still the question of which method of supplying vitamin B9 to choose. I guess we won't surprise you by saying that this is also an individual matter. Nevertheless, we can assure you that natural forms of given substances delivered to the body directly through food are one of the best solutions. Therefore, introducing more green vegetables into your daily diet, which are a rich source of folates, will be good for you. However, when it comes to how to use folic acid, always discuss the dosage of the supplement with your doctor.

The role of peace when planning a pregnancy

Our everyday mood and sense of inner satisfaction sometimes fade into the background in the daily hustle and bustle of responsibilities. However, we say "no" to this approach! Your emotional balance is very important for many processes related to the proper functioning of the body. We strongly encourage you to make the decision to expand your family the moment you start taking better care of yourself and your emotions.

Reducing stress during pregnancy planning has another very important role. Constantly felt tension and anxiety may contribute to irregular menstrual cycles and general deterioration of health, and as a result, reduced fertility. Therefore, we address these words to all future mothers - be sure to take care of the appropriate amount of peace every day, time to calm down should be your priority.

As a curiosity, we would like to tell you that the role of vitamin B9 described in the previous part of the article also relates to the topic of stress. In addition to its strong effect on regulating the functioning of the child's nervous system , this substance also contributes to the production of serotonin, known as the happiness hormone . This is therefore ideal support for the future mother - the period of planning parenthood and pregnancy itself is, after all, a time of exciting experiences before the birth of a new family member.

What else do we recommend in the process of reducing stress and enhancing well-being when planning a pregnancy? You probably expect that we mean physical activity. Regular exercise (doesn't have to be very intense, the most important thing is to maintain a healthy condition) has a beneficial effect on improving your well-being , so by practicing it, it will be easier for you to cope with states of tension.

Together with a properly balanced diet and other elements of a healthy lifestyle, you will develop a more conscious approach to parenting and take care of a number of important issues before you see your child for the first time. We are convinced that you can cope, and today's dose of knowledge will be your significant support in this special time. So we wish you a lot of well-being and strength to face new challenges, and in the meantime - until next time.


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