Jak zachować dobrą kondycję po 30 roku życia?

How to stay in good shape after the age of 30?

You've probably heard the statement that a healthy lifestyle after 30 is essential if you want to stay in good shape in your old age . So what steps should you take to take proper care of your body? In a moment, we will learn the most important secrets of this topic, thanks to which you will feel good in your own body regardless of your age. Here we go!

How to recognize poor fitness?

First of all, let's consider together what the symptoms of poor health are . After all, we have to figure out what needs to be worked on, right? Each of us sometimes feels tired and lacks the desire to be active, but should we then ring the alarm and start the mission of a comprehensive metamorphosis of our entire lifestyle?

Do you also know people from your close circle who believe that there is always something to improve and you should constantly improve? This type of active approach is quite a good solution if you do not want to fall behind, and instead regularly develop and strive for better results - also in the field of self-care.

To clarify this topic for you even more, we have prepared a small comparison. Good fitness is a bit like wanting to always be fashionably dressed - you need to be deeply interested in this topic and remain attentive to any changes in style trends or those occurring in your own body.

Declining fitness after the age of 30 is a very big problem that many people face. You may be wondering now why we can observe reduced functioning of our body . Especially for your needs, we have prepared a list of some of the most important determinants, including:

  • difficulty maintaining regular breathing during intense physical exercise,
  • unstable heart rate,
  • muscle tremors
  • or shortness of breath also appearing during less demanding exercises.

Are any of the above points familiar to you? Now think about whether you perceive climbing several flights of stairs as a significant effort. If so, don't worry, our goal is to provide you with professional support and help, and that's why you'll learn how to stay fit today. We assure you that ahead of you is the beginning of a great journey, at the end of which awaits nothing more than... a healthy body. It's time to take matters into your own hands and we assure you that you can definitely handle it.

Decreased fitness - causes of weakened body performance

Before we move on, let's briefly consider the causes of weakened condition and its impact on the functioning of the entire body. So what is behind the deteriorated state of our health? The factors listed below are certainly important, including:

  • unhealthy eating habits,
  • little or no physical exercise,
  • a lot of stress every day
  • and finally, sleep problems.

Ok, so how do you improve your fitness? You probably guess that you should simply take into account the list shown above and take care of every single element of it so that change for the better can come. However, it does not seem that simple, but fortunately you are dealing with experts in the field of how the body functions . We are ready to work and offer you our help, thanks to which you will feel for yourself what a healthy condition is.

And why is it so important? From our own experience, we can confirm that a normal psychophysical condition translates into everyday joy of life . When all activities are not too difficult for us, we not only begin to feel increased vitality, but also happiness. In a healthy body, healthy mind! We're sure you recognize this phrase from somewhere.

It seems that time is running out for us, and your body certainly needs to be taken care of, so let's get to work.

Healthy eating habits and their impact on fitness

Maybe until today you thought that a diet after the age of 30 is not that important when it comes to maintaining proper fitness. And yet, who would have thought how much properly balanced meals can do?

We have already told you many times about the extraordinary power that lies in healthy eating, but today it's time to highlight its advantages in the context of maintaining proper fitness. There is one answer to the question of how to take care of yourself after 30 - protein. Well, maybe we've exaggerated a bit, but it's important that you remember the important role played by this macronutrient. Protein is extremely important in the process of muscle growth and regeneration. Therefore, its presence in daily meals is an overarching rule that is worth following. A deficiency of this ingredient in the body can lead to a significant weakening of the strength of your muscles , which in turn is inextricably linked to the risk of deterioration of your health.

Of course, your diet should also include other substances and chemical compounds. Fats, carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and microelements will also be extremely important. Also, remember to add more vegetables to your diet to ensure healthy aging and a strong heart . Fortunately, you can find even more information on how to properly balance meals in one of the articles on our blog.

We often hear that as we age, we are more and more susceptible to slower digestion processes. And there is undoubtedly a grain of truth in this. However, what you can do now is to introduce more products into your diet that support the proper conduct of metabolic processes . The health-promoting ALFA9 mixture, developed by us with the greatest care, will perfectly meet the needs of seniors and other people whose digestion is more difficult. In addition to metabolic support, the product we have worked on with the greatest care also provides a valuable source of vitamins and exogenous amino acids necessary for building proteins and minerals - and that's still not all.

Have we managed to build your awareness of how important diet can be in improving your fitness - the facts speak for themselves, right? We believe that, as much as we do, you value a holistic approach to health , so now we will move on to the next issue, which is physical activity.

Sport is health - the best exercises for people over 30 years of age

Healthy physical condition has a very significant impact on the functioning of our entire body. Would you like to go with us on a little journey into the interior of your body again? If so, great, let's get going then.

Practicing sports affects, among others: to improve blood supply to many organs, including the brain, thanks to which it is better prepared for intensive functioning - and our ability to concentrate and remember improves.

Regular exercise also brings another desired effect: muscle strengthening . Therefore, if you take care of the appropriate dose of sport or other physical activity every day, you can effectively improve your fitness. As a result, you will forget about the problem of excessive muscle flabbiness or numbness. It is very likely that small doubts and questions are now brewing in your head, and the most important one is what type of activity to choose after the age of 30 . The answer may vary depending on several basic aspects such as:

  • the nature of your previous contact with sport,
  • physical predispositions,
  • health restrictions,
  • and the amount of time you have.

Counteracting the aging process after the age of 30 in the context of physical activity does not necessarily mean that you will become a professional athlete - don't worry, that's not the point. If you've never been much into training, don't worry, you can also include less demanding forms of activity in your routine. Longer walks or cycling will undoubtedly be a good way to start. Remember that the type of physical activity you practice should be tailored to you - then it will bring the most desired results.

The role of rest and observation of the body

We are approaching the end of our trip today, so it's time to slow down and calm down a bit. Ladies and Gentlemen, let's move on to one of the most pleasant parts, which is, of course, rest.

Healthy sleep and physical condition - at first glance, these two concepts may seem not to be particularly related. However, this is only an appearance. During sleep, our body gains a very valuable opportunity to calm down, relax and regenerate. Blissful rest can be not only particularly pleasant, but also valuable for our health. Moreover, what is extremely important - without effective regeneration, there is no way to be in a healthy condition , which you probably already know well.

Reducing stress in everyday life and the importance of regular medical examinations are other important issues that are also worth paying attention to. The anxiety we feel every day can really paralyze our body and mind, and thus reduce the body's efficiency, which is why we wholeheartedly recommend that you skillfully take care of your own emotions and needs . As for the medical examinations themselves - performing them regularly will give you access to all the valuable information about your health, and if necessary, you will react quickly and appropriately.

This is how we have reached the end of our journey today, and good fitness after 30 has become a topic that no longer holds any secrets from you. Therefore, as you start incorporating new healthy habits into your routine, you will certainly notice improvement in your physical and mental fitness - and that's what we wish you!


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