Dzika róża - niezwykle bogate źródło witaminy C

Wild rose - an extremely rich source of vitamin C

Today we will tell you a little more about a product that is very valuable for health, although sometimes forgotten, and we mean, of course, wild rose. It is a huge treasure trove of easily absorbable vitamin C, which has an extremely beneficial effect on our body. Why else do we love this plant? We answer below.

Wild rose and its natural properties

It is definitely time to popularize the scale of health-promoting effects of rose hips. Botanically, rosehips are the "pseudofruits" of Rosa canina , although they are often referred to as actual "fruits" in the medical literature. In some parts of the world they are used primarily as food, but in others they are mainly used as medicine. Are you as curious as we are? Today we will once again take up considerations that will help you delve even deeper into the world of healthy and natural nutrition.

You're probably wondering who is especially recommended to use wild rose? The answer is very satisfactory - it will work for people of all ages, including children. Moreover, its natural properties that strengthen the immune system are also friendly to pregnant women. Let us now consider the specific advantages of this natural treasure. Certainly, benefits such as:

  • strengthening blood vessels,
  • soothing the symptoms of rheumatism,
  • eliminating digestive system problems,
  • increasing the body's immunity along with protection against colds or weakness,
  • reducing too high blood pressure levels,
  • and support for the body in the treatment of liver and kidney diseases.

But that's not all. This plant also helps reduce unnecessary tension. Therefore, if you experience severe stress, you do not have to look far for solutions to this problem. For the sake of your inner peace, it will be perfect for, among others: rosehip tea or fresh fruits of this plant.

From our own experience, we can admit that enriching your diet with natural sources of valuable nutrients changes the quality of life in many aspects. Internal balance is one of our basic goals that we strive for every day, so we are very happy that wild rose has such a beneficial effect on the nervous system and emotional well-being . Okay, but how can we enrich our diet with this ingredient and in what forms can we find it? We are in a hurry to explain!

Properties of wild rose and its friendly forms

Now that you know what wild rose is, what it can be useful for and how beneficial it is to health, it would be good to learn more about the forms in which it occurs. There are many proposals for this particular product available on the market, but don't worry, we will analyze the most popular ones together.

Foodstuffs with wild rose can be found in many friendly forms. This ingredient is often the basis of juices, syrups, infusions, sometimes the fruits of this plant are also available in powdered form. Check out the list below to see which product will be right for you.

Rosehip juice

It is perfect for autumn and winter, when cold season lasts. Warming rosehip juice will help you warm up quickly and replenish vitamin C resources in the body, thus preventing the development of the disease.

Rosehip syrup

Wild rose for children and adults is also often available in the form of syrup, as you probably know very well. What do such products help with? Their main advantage is relieving inflammation of the urinary tract and improving the functioning of the liver and kidneys. With the help of syrup enriched with rosehips, you can also effectively eliminate indigestion and the feeling of heaviness after a large meal.

Wild rose infusion

Wild rose infusions and teas are loved by the British and have a warming and immune-boosting effect. Additionally, this type of product is perfect for drinking in the evening to prevent sleep problems.

Powdered wild rose

You can also get wild rose in powdered form. Such products are perfect for dissolving in a cocktail, dessert or drink, enhancing the nutritional value of the meal and contributing to a better balance of the daily diet. An example of a product that has been enriched with the precious addition of wild rose is ALFA9 - containing a mixture of 9 exogenous amino acids that allow you to take better care of a healthy and vital body .

Of course, you can also find wild rose in tinctures or jams or as an addition to other food products. However, the above list containing a description of the properties of specific products will help you make the right decision during your next purchases.

Ascorbic acid – natural vitamin C in wild rose

Maybe you're still wondering what else a wild rose can offer you. The vitamins it contains, especially ascorbic acid, help ensure the harmonious functioning of the entire body . If, like us, you care about a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, ensuring the presence of all the most necessary nutrients and providing them regularly is extremely important. This is exactly how you can reduce the risk of diseases such as atherosclerosis or anemia. Vitamin deficiency can also lead to significant weakening of nails, hair loss or deterioration of the appearance of the skin. That is why it is so important to provide many nutrients already in the diet, because no supplementation can replace a balanced diet.

We think you will agree with us that, undoubtedly, the best way to provide vitamins to the body is to consume foods or drinks rich in natural and healthy ingredients. The hero of our today's topic seems to have no equal - the vitamin C content in wild rose is even 30 to 40 percent higher than in citrus fruits. An impressive result, right? But what does it actually mean? This is probably the right time to provide you with more information about the use of ascorbic acid properties.

Acne relief

Vitamin C is often used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. You probably know all those creams and cheeses that alleviate the symptoms of acne and discoloration. Interestingly, you can take care of skin imperfections both with external preparations containing vitamin C and from the inside - e.g. in the form of foods containing this organic chemical compound.

Acceleration of wound healing

You can speed up the healing process of damaged skin tissue in both your child and yourself by providing appropriate amounts of vitamin C to your diet, preferably administered directly in food.

Reduced risk of injury

Greater joint flexibility is also due to the supply of the required amount of vitamin C to the body. Therefore, if you want to take care of strong bones, it is worth paying more attention to a plant such as wild rose - the properties of this fruit are prophylactic in preventing the development of osteoporosis.

Supporting iron absorption

Ascorbic acid also plays an important role in protecting against the development of anemia. Therefore, if your diet is based, for example, on plant products that are less rich in iron, it is good to keep in mind the valuable effect of vitamin C.

Vitamin C for adults

Finally, let's summarize some more important information to make it easier for you to remember. As you already know, ascorbic acid is an important element of the adult diet, and the best way to provide it to the body is to use wild rose. You will find this plant mainly in many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. It occurs in both the most natural form of fresh fruit, and sometimes it is also the basis for various available food products. When making next purchases, remember that ingredients vary and it is always worth checking the percentage of wild rose to have the most beneficial effect on the immune system and more.

You probably guessed that, apart from ascorbic acid, wild rose also contains other vitamins - A, B1, B2, E, K and folic acid, as well as carotenoids and polyphenols, including flavonoids, which have a strong antioxidant effect. By using products based on the fruit of this unique plant in your diet, you can comprehensively approach the topic of healthy eating. What else is worth paying attention to? You can eat wild rose not only in the fall and winter, but also all year round. After all, its extensive nutritional and regenerative properties will be useful to you every day, adding more energy and peace of mind.

Finally, as a little scientific curiosity, we would like to mention that wild rose is also a rich source of natural substances such as flavonoids . Thanks to them, the fruits of this plant have antioxidant properties and protect small blood vessels . We sincerely hope that the time spent together today has helped you acquire another dose of knowledge about healthy eating. We will soon discuss other important issues in this field, and now is probably the time to introduce wild rose into the diet.



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